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Workshops Across Victoria


16th Feb. 2023


This is a 3-day workshop.


Day 1:   Thurs, 16th Feb.

Day 2:  Thurs, 2nd Mar. 

Day 3:  Thurs, 16th Mar.

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3rd Mar. 2023

Ringwood, VIC

This is a 3-day workshop.


Day 1:  Fri, 3rd Mar.

Day 2:  Fri, 17th Mar.

Day 3:  Fri, 31st Mar.

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Limited places available 
to keep group sizes small.

Get advice, discounts and exclusive access to our partners and providers.

3 Day Workshop


plus GST

Includes lunch and coffee. Business partners are welcome free of charge.

Transforming Your Business Is Easy
When You Have the Right Tools & Experts at your Fingertips

  • Gain a handle on your business finances & tips to easily track the costs associated with each of your jobs 

  • Master the art of estimating, quoting, scheduling 

  • Learn about quality management and how our templates can benefit you - make your mandatory inspections a breeze 

  • Simple ways to achieve your OH&S obligations  

  • Fill out your Contracts with confidence & understand your employment responsibilities 

  • Develop stronger client relationships and build a better brand  

  • Gain access to our very own construction lawyer including a free 15 min consult  

  • Get a free insurance check-up to make sure you're not under or over insured 

  • Software and systems recommendations so you don’t have to spend hours working out which one works for you we’ve already done the hard work! 

  • Access to our Templates and Tips 

  • Benefit from our established relationships with industry experts 

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Over the 3 Days, we cover the following:


Session 1: 9am - 3pm

Business Branding, Clients, Business, Finance & Procurement

Session 2: 9am - 3pm

Estimating, Quoting, Scheduling, Site Establishment, Quality & Handover

Session 3: 9am - 3pm

Insurance, OH&S and Legal (Contracts & Employment)

Hear from Builders just like YOU, & how the Lounge helped them! 

Got Questions? Get In Touch!

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