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Workshops Across Victoria


31st Aug. 2023

Bundoora, VIC

This is a 2-day workshop.


Day 1:   Thur, 31st Aug.

Day 2:  Fri, 1st Sept. 

Can't make these dates or locations?

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2 Day Workshop


plus GST


Limited places available 
to keep group sizes small.

Get advice, discounts and exclusive access to our partners and providers.

Includes lunch and coffee. Business partners are welcome free of charge.

Transforming Your Business Is Easy
When You Have the Right Tools & Experts at your Fingertips

  • Gain a handle on your business finances & tips to easily track the costs associated with each of your jobs 

  • Master the art of estimating, quoting, scheduling 

  • Learn about quality management and how our templates can benefit you - make your mandatory inspections a breeze 

  • Simple ways to achieve your OH&S obligations  

  • Fill out your Contracts with confidence & understand your employment responsibilities 

  • Develop stronger client relationships and build a better brand  

  • Gain access to our very own construction lawyer including a free 15 min consult  

  • Get a free insurance check-up to make sure you're not under or over insured 

  • Software and systems recommendations so you don’t have to spend hours working out which one works for you we’ve already done the hard work! 

  • Access to our Templates and Tips 

  • Benefit from our established relationships with industry experts 

session topics image.jpg

Over the 2 Days, we cover the following:


Session 1: 

Business Branding, Clients, Business, Finance & Procurement

Session 2:

Estimating, Quoting, Scheduling, Site Establishment, Quality & Handover

Session 3:

Insurance, OH&S and Legal (Contracts & Employment)

Hear from Builders just like YOU, & how the Lounge helped them! 

Got Questions? Get In Touch!

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